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Save time - It could easily take you 50 or more hours to locate and submit your resume to all of the job and career websites that we post to.

Increased exposure - Get in front of millions of potential employers.

Easy - You provide us your information just one time then we take care of all of the work of setting up your profile on the job websites.

Cost effective - If you paid for this service by the hour it could easily cost you over $500 dollars.

Organized - You will have access to all the job websites where your resume has been posted and you can access all of these sites from this one location.

So where exactly will my resume be posted? - list of career search websites.

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You may have already seen this poster but if you have not, please take look.

You need to get noticed and find a better job..But is the idea of posting your resume to all of the career search websites like Monster, Careerbuilder, Yahoo Hot Jobs and so many more - just far too overwhelming?

Finally, an easy way to get maximum exposure on the job websites without the headache of filling out all of those forms for hours on end.

Imagine how good it will feel to say the words "I just got hired".

Looking for a job is a stressful process.  Just the thought of posting your resume to each career search site can be really daunting.  This type of activity is not only tedious but can also be a bit frustrating because many of the sites have a slightly different forms.

It could take you 50 or 60 hours to post your resume to all of the career search sites that we post to.

Think about it, is it really worth your time and energy?  If you paid someone to do this for you at $10.00 an hour it could cost you over $500 – that is if you could find someone to do it.

However, you can't just ignore all of these job search websites.

Many employers and recruiters will have a "favorite" job search website. You don't know which site that will be, therefore it is very important that you cast a wide net and get your information out there as quickly as possible.

Employers will often search resumes on career websites prior to posting a job. Therefore even though you do not see a job listed, this does not always mean that recruiters and employers are not searching for resumes.

Job openings - open and close very quickly. What if your next employer is searching for a candidate this week?...It would really be unfortunate if you missed the opportunity to get an interview.

We make this whole process of getting your resume posted on the job search sites fast and easy.

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